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Alexandria Ghosts: Phantoms of Potomac

You’re about to embark on a chilling journey through unforgiving times and historical buildings ravaged by wars and tragedies. Are you ready to meet the ghosts of Alexandria’s dark past?

Join Alexandria Ghosts to explore the dark underbelly of Old Town and experience the historic colonial town as it was in the days that spawned these harrowing haunts. Book your Alexandria ghost tour tonight for a haunting experience you won’t soon forget.

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Book Your Alexandria Ghost Tour Tonight!

Alexandria Ghosts: Phantoms of Potomac

Our walking ghost tour of Alexandria will take you to some of Old Town’s most haunted and historic locations where you’ll learn its tragic tales and dark history that keep the ghosts of its painful past trapped in their former lives. Want to get the most out of your Alexandria ghost tour? Add our Bonus Extended Tour to see even more locations and her more spine-chilling stories!

Meeting Location: 323 Cameron St, Alexandria, VA 22314

Starting Time: Ghost tours are held nightly at 8 PM, rain or shine!

Pet Policy: Pets are not permitted on Ghost Tours

Alcohol Policy: No Drinking Permitted

Adults Only: No

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Where to Meet, Park, & More Info

323 Cameron St, Alexandria, VA 22314
Visit parkopedia.com for the most up-to-date parking info.

We recommend parking near Gadsby's Tavern. To see options, use parkme.com for more parking locations. Please arrive 15 minutes early and look for your guide wearing a US Ghost Adventures T-shirt and carrying a lantern!

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Five Stars

Loved the tour! Wayne, our tour guide, was fabulously friendly and shared with us a ton of interesting information about the area. He even stayed at t...

Amelia Fruehsamer

Five Stars

Such a great experience! The history of Old Town Alexandria is special, and adding the ghost stories to the storyline makes it even more memorable.

Amanda Yeram

Five Stars

Fun way to explore the city.

Elliot Robinson
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Tour Preview: Where You’ll Go

The Schafer Home

One of Alexandria’s most well-known spirits is said to reside in the home, having tragically lost her life in a freak accident. Hers isn’t the only sad story, as her fiance took his own life following her death.

Spooky image of the Carlyle House

Carlyle House

This stunning colonial home has been the site of plenty of tragedy, including its stint as a makeshift Civil War hospital. Death seemed to attach itself to the building, leaving a plethora of ghosts in its wake.

Swope’s Townhouse

Named after an owner who was a former military commander, the Swope’s Townhouse began experiencing unexplained activity after Mr. Swope was disinterred following the Yellow Fever epidemic.

The Hauntings of Alexandria

It’s one of the oldest cities in America that also happens to be the site of some of the deadliest wars in the nation’s history. Bloodshed from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and both World Wars left a permanent violent stain on the cobblestone streets of Old Town and left behind the anguished souls of the soldiers who mercilessly and brutally lost their lives.


From the first shots fired, the horrors never stopped. The Great Fire of 1827 caused widespread destruction and economic hardships as it wiped out several buildings and left many residents homeless. In 1918, the Torpedo Factory experienced a devastating explosion, resulting in numerous deaths and horrendous injuries. 


Hurricane Agnes would only add to the unbearable tensions of the Civil Rights Era, where the struggles of societal injustices caused a paralyzing riff in the city. The culmination of these life-altering events created a variety of residual energy that resides in the many historic dwellings of Old Town.


The Most Haunted Places in Alexandria, VA


Nearly every inch of Alexandria has a sordid story to tell. Soldiers of every war era can be seen at places such as the John Douglas Brown House and the Carlyle House. Victims of tragedies and gruesome murders remain trapped in the infamously haunted Wilkes Tunnels. One of Alexandria’s most famous spirits, Laura Schafer, is known to wander throughout the former Schafer House, where she tragically perished in a fire. Her popularity is rivaled only by the unknown female apparition that resides at Gadsby’s Tavern, a building that predates Virginia itself.


Alexandria Ghosts introduces you to the most haunted locations in this old colonial town and unveils the spirits that continue to call Old Town home.

Reasons to Take the Alexandria Ghost Tour

You Want to Immerse Yourself In The Terrifying History of Alexandria

Limbs were once piled high in Alexandria’s streets, painted red with the blood of soldiers from multiple wars. The avenues ... reeked of copper and the salty taste of blood. Alexandria was not a pleasant town. What you see today, its picturesque glory, its hipster veneers, was once caked in tragedy, murder, and mayhem. Learn of its past, a past that tells the true tale of Alexandria’s history. 

You Have A Dark Sense Of Humor

You delight in things that go bump in the night and revel in spine-chilling tales of horror and haunting. You’re not the on ... ly one. Did you know that there’s a branch of tourism called Dark Tourism? It’s a whole community. Some folks like to go to the beach, some like to unwind looking at mountains, some like to skydive, or base jump off bridges, and some love nothing more than to take pictures of a serial killer’s house. You’re not alone. Collect a few more campfire thrillers on our tour of haunted Alexandria. Embark on a petrifying adventure with our tour guide and learn the spine-chilling secrets behind this beautiful city. 

You enjoy the magic of a good scare

Your blood turns to quicksilver, fast, mercury quick, hot, and bothered. Your heart is about to burst out of your chest. The ... hairs on the back of your nape stand up. Your brain goes into overdrive and floods your body with hormones – the type that forms connections, the sexy sort of connections. There’s a reason why horror movies have long been associated with date nights. There’s a reason why girls love bad boys. And boys go gaga for bad girls. We love danger; it’s instinctual.

You’re a history buff

The ghosts of soldiers sent to Alexandria’s makeshift hospitals during several wars still haunt the streets of Old Town. An ... d there are plenty of local accounts from people who have heard their dying moans, still pleading for relief hundreds of years after their deaths. Discover the dark side of American History on our haunted Alexandria tour and encounter blood-chilling ghosts of the city’s blood-soaked past.

You’re sick and tired of the National Mall

Alexandria is just a couple of train stops from DC. Most folks that come to Port City came while they were vacationing and do ... ing the Capitol huddle. Well, sooner or later, you just need to get away from it all. You just need to unwind and get a fresh wind that’s not so political, not so heavy on the history, and not so red-white-and-blue. Alexandria is an outskirt town that takes you back in time to an era where alliances weren’t that forged and set in stone, when betrayals were an everyday occurrence, and where cutthroats and highwaymen roamed the streets.

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