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Alexandria Ghosts Blog - Haunted Stories

The True Story of Alexandria’s Burning Bride

Posted on July 14, 2024
In a previous post, we told the tragic tale of Laura Schaffer of Alexandria. A young lady on her wedding night is killed in a freak accident when her wedding dress catches on fire. The incident, unfor...

Creepy Tales from Old Alexandria, VA

Posted on June 22, 2024
Alexandria, Virginia, has an exciting place in history, especially when it comes to the ghosts that haunt every corner of this city. A place in the literal middle of so many conflicts, wars, politics,...

Mothman The Harbinger of Doom

Posted on May 25, 2024
On November 16, 1966, an article appeared in the Point Pleasant Register titled "Couples See Man-Sized Bird ... Creature ... Something."The national press soon picked up the reports, and the story...