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Alexandria’s Haunted History

Alexandria’s history reaches back more than 13,000 years. From the first Native American settlers to the bustling city it is today, the timeline of the city’s history is filled with all sorts of events that helped to shape the United States into the country it is today. Alexandria was founded by Scottish merchants all the way back in 1749. George Washington even surveyed the city as a teen! Alexandria’s history turned tragic when it became linked to slavery by becoming one of the largest domestic slave trading ports in America. Most of Alexandria’s businesses could not have survived without the unpaid labor of the African American people brought here.

A quick walk through the streets of the city is like walking through a timeline, from colonial times to the civil war and beyond – you learn about the empowerment of individuals and communities that overcame adversity and pushed society forward. With a history so deep, the streets, homes, and even the pubs of Alexandria are haunted by the spirits of the past. What better way to get to know them than with a Brews and Boo’s haunted pub crawl?

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Daniel O’Connell’s Irish Restaurant & Bar at 112 King St.
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Approximately 2 hours
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Arrive 10 minutes early and allow time for parking.
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